Tips For Choosing Paint Colours

Happy Freedom week! It’s great to finally get a green light and get back to work. Finally, home consultations and Training can resume in person, as well as online.

The positive side to being stuck indoors over the last two years must be a greater appreciation for our surroundings and learning to value our homes. A time which led to the renewed interest in decorating indoors and out. Almost every exterior had a makeover of some sort. Did we ever imagine our gardens would become a holiday destination, hopefully, the patio furniture everyone booked during the pandemic is finally on the way!!

With a hint of Spring in the air, it’s a good time of year to consider your next painting project, but before you think of buying paint, here are some top tips to guide you:

    • Think about all the items going to be in the space eg; wooden flooring, sofas, cabinets, tiles worktops, etc., plan these more expensive items in the room first, and paint colour decisions will be less of a challenge.
    • Paint is the easiest way to make changes to your interiors, it’s also the least expensive option. If you start by picking paint first you run the risk of making the mistake of having to find a sofa to suit the paint colour.
    • Don’t forget the existing furnishing if it is staying in the room. Ignoring a sofa or something you don’t like, is not helpful, it will be far better to work with the offending item. Selecting colours that work with the piece means you might be able to make it fade into the background and become less noticeable.
    • It’s important not to choose these expensive items independently of each other. View them together if you want them to work together. I’ve seen many clients make mistakes this way. They are shopping for kitchen cabinets and select a colour but forget about the floor tile they’ve already picked and nothing works together. Become your own designer and gather samples before you make final decisions.
    • Ask for upholstery samples in stores to bring to the paint store. If samples are not available some companies will allow you to borrow the fabric book overnight.
    • Only buy paint when you have viewed the whole scheme together first.
    • Visit furniture stores for inspiration, you will pick up ideas here for colour schemes and how the room should look
    • Go window shopping and see how you think you would like your interiors to look. This is a great way to get inspiration. All the leading retail stores have amazing room sets to browse in and give you ideas.


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